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BSF Pay Slip Online:- BSF Pay Slip PDF Pay Slip Particulars Pay Slip for Border Security Force is published in online form. All boss employees can download the change-slippy in online mode with the help of this service. One must act in order to rank. Through this article Communication Letter Online (BSF Pay Slip Online) share all your information Border Security Force (BSF) Monthly Letter can be obtained in online form. , Marks from blog slip For more information you end this information of ours.

BSF Salary Pay Slip Online 2021

To get BSF Pay Slip Online, Indian BSF Soldiers can easily download their pay slip based on the information given here. BSF employees can now check their monthly payment records in online mode. For the convenience of the employees in the salary pay slip, details of their monthly payment and tax estimates, loan installment, if any, applicable, PF and GF deduction will be provided. BSF salary slip can be obtained mainly from BSF organization. But to make this process more easy, with the help of this service, BSF officers can generate their BSF Salary Slip without visiting the headquarters.

BSF Pay Slip Online

ArticleBSF Pay Slip Online
PortalBorder Security Force
Beneficiary Border Security Force officers
ObjectiveAll the features of the pay slip to the officers provide online
Salary SlipOnline Download
Mobile ApplicationBSF PAY&GPF

BSF Salary Slip login How To Create Password

  • If you are withdrawing your BSF Salary Slip for the first time then you have to create a password first.
  • To create a BSF PaySlip Password, first go to the BSF Pay Slip Login page.
  • Here enter your regiment number in username and your date of birth in password. e.g. 28/04/1993
  • Now as soon as you login, a page like the picture shown below will open.
  • In this, enter your mobile number, email id and the new password that you want to create and click on send OTP.
  • Now an OTP will come on your mobile, fill it in this form and submit it.
  • In this way your new password will be created, along with mobile number and email will also be updated.

How to Download BSF Salary Pay Slip Online?

If the Border Security Force officer wants to download the details related to his salary slip (BSF Pay Slip) in online form, then we have explained below according to the steps of the online download process, you can easily get your BSF by following all the steps. Salary Pay Slip can be downloaded online.

  • Visit the official website of Border Security Force at to BSF Pay Slip online download.
  • Log in to access the website.
  • Such as -user name, password, captcha code etc.
  • Your IRLA number and password details are also entered in the employee’s identity card.
  • After filling all the details click on the login option.
  • After login, the citizen has to click on the option of salary pay-slip in the new page.
  • After this, enter the information of salary month, year etc. in the screen and click on the search option.
  • Now in the new page all the information related to the salary slip will be received in the screen of the employee citizen.
  • Download this statement and take a print out of it and keep the salary slip safe for further reference.

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BSF Pay slip Apps Download

Border Security Force (BSF) mobile application can be easily downloaded by employee citizens through Google Play Store and App Store present in their mobile phones. The process to download the mobile application by us is mentioned below.

  • First of all BSF Payslip App Download, open the Google Play Store present in the mobile phone.
  • After this, search by typing BSF Payslip App in the search section.
  • Now the app will open in front of the employee.
  • Click in the app to download the app. And select the option of install.
  • In this way this app will be downloaded in the mobile phone of the employee.
  • With the help of the app, employees can get all types of information related to salary slip.

BSF Pay Slip GPF Download

  • First of all you have to go to the home page of the official website, click on the link given by us to go to the home page
  • On the homepage select the option PAY & GPF/CPF tab.
  • The system will open a new page with the login option on the top right.
  • Select the login option.
  • Enter the username or IRLA/regiment number.
  • Proceed and provide your password.

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Border Security Force Pay Chart, Grade Pay, Pay Band

As we all know, every person recruited by the Border Security Force is provided with a monthly salary package, which includes basic pay, grade pay etc. depending on the rank of the recruit. The list of all BSF officers according to their rank is given below. In which the details of salary and grade pay are shown.

Name of postSalaryGrade payTotal Salary
Managing directorTop Scale
विशेष महानिदेशक37400 To 6700012000105000
अतिरिक्त महानिदेशक37400 To 6700012000105000
इंस्पेक्टर जनरल37400 To 670001000095000
उप महानिरीक्षक37400 To 67000890085000
सेनानायक37400 To 67000870082000
सहायक अध्यक्ष15600 To 39100760073000
डिप्टी कमांडेंट15600 To 39100660065000
सहायक कमांडर15600 To 39100540052000
सूबेदार मेजर9300 To34800480045000
निरीक्षक9300 To 34800460040000
सहायक निरीक्षक9300 To 34800420035000
सहायक उप निरीक्षक5200 To 20200280031000
हेड कांस्टेबल5200 To 20200240027000
सिपाही5200 To 20200200023000
नामांकित अनुयायी4500 To 7500130018000

BSF Salary & Allowance Details

Along with the monthly salary, a special type of allowance facility is also provided to the employee citizens. The details of the list of allowances given by the bsf organization are as follows.

  1. dearness allowance
  2. transport allowance
  3. residential allowance
  4. education allowance
  5. medical allowance
  6. loan facility
  7. pf gf services
  8. retired services

All these facilities are provided to the employees posted in the Security Border Force. To provide education to the children of bsf employees, many schools have been opened for them by the government, in which they are provided free education and they are also provided with the benefit of free medical facilities. Under the various allowances given through the BSF organization, the employee citizens can get the benefit of all kinds of facilities.

BSF Salary Pay Slip FAQS

Where can employee citizens get BSF Pay Slip online?

Mobile Application and Web Portal has been launched through BSF organization to make the service related to salary slip to all the staff citizens posted in Border Security Force (BSF). Through which employees can now get all the details related to their monthly salary in online form on the official website of or through mobile application.

What is the website to remove BSF Salary Slip?

The website to download or check BSF Salary Slip is

What is the Border Security Force (BSF) helpline number?

Phone Number: (011) 2436-4851
Official Email ID:-
Postal Contact: HQ DG BSF, CGO Complex, Block No. 10, Lodhi Road, New Delhi (110-003)

When was the BSF organization established?

The BSF organization was established on 1st December in the year 1965.

How is the monthly salary provided to BSF employees?

For this, the ranks issued by the organization to the employees are given to them monthly, on the basis of their rank and rank.

What is mandatory for an employee to download BSF Salary Pay Slip?

Employee person is required to have either Login ID or IRLA Number to download BSF Salary Pay-slip.

What other facilities are given to BSF officers apart from monthly salary?

Apart from monthly salary, various types of allowance facilities are provided to BSF officers. In which mainly housing allowance, transport allowance, dearness allowance, medical allowance, PF and GF services, loan facilities, all retired facilities etc.

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