Candle Making Business at Home How to Start Candle Making Business

Candle Making Business ideas is such a business that candle business can be a golden opportunity for new entrepreneurs or startups, which does not require a lot of cost to start and it is such a thing that its demand is never less. Might be possible. Because people use candles for religious functions, home decorations etc. By doing this business you can earn extra money or full time. According to a 2010 report, the demand for wax has increased to £10,000 million, of which up to 50% includes candles, and this demand continues to grow. Considering the universally increasing demand in the Indian wax industry, you as an entrepreneur can expand your candle business to meet the demands of the consumers. This business can play an important role in shaping your future.

How to Start Candle Making Business

Here we are going to give you information about candle making business at home –

Candle Making Business at Home

Candle Making Business Planning

Before starting a candle business, you should prepare candle making business plan a draft of your financial plan, which will give you an idea of how you can run your business, small or big. If you have to take a loan, then collect all this information, how much interest will be deducted, there is no problem in preparing a blueprint of all the expenses incurred in starting the business.

Raw Materials for Candle Making

The minimum quantity of materials required to make candles and accordingly their price is shown through the list below, so that a small idea of ​​a small scale industry can be given. Prices may also vary

Raw Material Per UnitPrize
paraffin waxRs.115
Pot or potRs. 250
Castor oilRs 310
Candle ThreadsRs.35
Various ColorRs.85
ThermometerRs 160
Cents for fragranceRs 250
OvenRs 5000

Where to Buy Raw Materials

You can also supply the raw materials of candles from local shops, but the advantage of getting the materials from wholesalers is that they are always able to provide you the required quantity as per your demand. Always take care of quality while taking raw materials. You can find such wholesalers in your area or online. You will get whatever information you want to get about the purchase of raw materials through this link.


By the way, we have also given some company name details to take offline information. The names of some companies that provide raw materials for candles are as follows-

  • Candlechem, Link International is a Mumbai based company and is located in the Masjid area.
  • Wellburn Candles Pvt which is a Bangalore based company located in Bidadi,
  • Pooja Craft & Embroidery This company is present in the West Borivali area of ​​Mumbai.

There are many other similar companies that provide raw materials for candles, which are located at different places

Place for Candle Making Business

You can start this business from your home or even on rent with a small room of 12×12. The biggest feature of this business is that it does not require a very large space to start, but to start it from home or even on a large scale, it is important to keep in mind that you have to melt the wax. There should be enough space, there should be space for the storage of its raw materials, as well as there should be a place to store the finished candle, for this there should be a room or some place as the office of the company. In this way, you must keep enough space, from where tasks can be carried out more efficiently and systematically. Also, in this business with enough space to increase the production work without any hindrance, you can easily move the factory from one place to another.

Candle Making Time

The time it takes to make a candle depends on how you are making it. If using a machine, then how many candles its machines produce in how many times depends on the machine. For example, if you are using a semi automatic machine, then this machine can produce 300 candles in 15 minutes. And if you make candles at home on a small scale, then depending on the number of workers engaged in making candles and their efficiency, how many candles they can produce. By the way, the entire process of candle making can be done by one person in 30 to 35 minutes, and depending on the number of moulds, 90 candles can easily be made.

Candle Making Business Process

To make a candle by hand, the wax is heated and melted from 290 degrees to 380 degrees. After that, after putting the wax in the mold and cooling it, it is equalized by applying a thread through a drill machine or a coarse needle and then pouring hot wax on it. Then you can pack it and sell it.

Candle Making Business Total Cost and Profit

If you do not want to start your business by investing a lot of capital and want to grow the business with less investment, then you can start it with a small cost of 10,000 to 50,000.

Candle Making Business Precautions

Whenever you are melting wax, always be careful because temperature is never controlled on anything, due to which fire can also happen. Although it is always safe to make candle between 290 degree to 380 degree temperature, but caution is the biggest safety.

Candle Making Business Packaging

The last process of making candle is its packaging. Its packing can be done both by hand and by candle filling machine. The safety of the candles is ensured by the packing itself so that there is no leakage of the candle due to excessive heat or other factors. Its packing is done according to its size and according to the colors by means of various decorative paper or colored plastics. Along with this, it is also packed in boxes or containers.

  • Generally, for packing the candle, take a thin cardboard box according to the size of the candle.
  • Then wrap the candles in bubbly wrap or bubble wrap and put them in a cardboard box and pack them.
  • After that stick a sticker written on the website along with the brand name.

Candle Making Business Profit

Candle business does not require many employees, due to which candle business can make more profit with less cost than other business. You should determine the price based on the cost of making each of your candles, keeping a margin of profit, as well as making sure that your competitor in this business is paying for the candle product. You should try to keep the value lower than them.

Whatever is the legal process for candle business, we have tried to put it in front of you with details sequentially, which is as follows –

  • Company Structure: If you want to do candle business on a small scale, then you can opt for your Sole Proprietorship Company or LLC i.e. Limited Liability Company and Partnership.
  • Registration of business: According to the structure of the company, you should register your business first. Before starting the business, you can get the permit from the city from where you are starting the business, for this you can inquire with the clerk office of the city and get the business registered with the SSI unit.
  • PAN Card: Apply for PAN card for business. For whatever kind of business you are going to do, first of all get the business PAN card.
  1. Business Account: You can open a business account with any bank, the advantage of this will be that you will not face any kind of trouble in business purchases and it will help to keep your personal expenses separate. Because of which it will be easy to know how much you spent or received for this business. To keep an eye on this, you should keep track of your account.
  2. Payment of Taxes: For candle business you have to pay taxes to the state and union, for which you have to first register in your state. Usually this tax has to be paid only once in a year, you should know the rules of your state very well about it. You will also receive a certificate of resale from the state or union for any sales tax that will be collected on your products.

Apart from this, if you want to start candle trading on a large scale, then follow the following procedure.

  1. Company Name: You can start your business by registering the brand name of the company product. The name is an important part of starting any business, so think carefully and take enough time to name the company by showing your creativity. Then by registering it in the trade mark, you can secure the name of the brand of your business and apply for VAT registration and get it.
  2. Register with Employer Identification Number (EIN): Apply for an EIN, through this number your business will get an identification number from the IRS. You can also apply for EIN through online mode by visiting the IRS website. This saves you time and you will get the Employer Identification Number very soon

Candle Making Business Machine

Candle making machine will be required, this machine is of different types and different capacities. You will easily find candle making machines in the market, according to the machine, their price can range from 35,000 to 2 lakhs. Its price depends on its production capacity. Three types of candle making machines are widely available which are as follows:-

  • Manual Machine: It is easy to operate, through this machine up to 1800 candles can be manufactured per hour.
  • Semi-automatic machine: This machine is easy to operate, it also has the facility to set the size of the candles. This machine is technically very advanced, in this machine water is also operated to cool the wax immediately.
  • Fully Automatic Machine: Through this machine, you can manufacture all kinds of candles of different sizes such as birthday candles, square, round. 200 to 250 candles can be manufactured per minute by this machine. Apart from this, you can also make candles of different designs by using different types of molds.

Candle Making Business Marketing

When you are starting any business, it becomes very important to tell people about that business or business. This will attract the attention of people towards your company in the market and the sales of your candles will also increase. You have to find many proper ways to promote and promote your product, by adopting which you can get maximum results. You can promote your business in many ways which are as follows

  • Through posters or through pamphlets; You can promote your company by placing and distributing it in cities or far flung areas through pamphlets or attractive posters in the name of your company. The advantage of this will be that many people will come to know about your products, some of whom can definitely become your customers.
  • Through Online Mode: If you are thinking of selling or disseminating your candle product through online medium, then you have to get your product listed in the online store through the portal. Then you have to provide attractive picture of your product, description of product features and required features through the portal, so that anytime a buyer searches or searches to buy candles, it will automatically show your product or company. And the buyer will be able to buy the candle product according to his need and choice by looking at the pictures and the given details.
  • Through social sites: Social sites also help you a lot to connect with new customers. With this, you can promote your product by attracting customers to you by sharing the link of your products and online. Apart from this, you can also advertise on PPC through Google or any other search engine. For this you will have to pay a few rupees, this will easily find the link of your product to the network user through the search medium and he will get all the information from it.

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